Maciek Jabłoński - film director
Maciek Jabłoński 
FIlm director

Photographer and filmmaker working with National Geographic Poland. Owner of the F11 - Studio with MSc in Computer Science at Silesian University of Technology (Poland) and MA in Photography and Film Production at Poznań Academy of Arts (Poland). He feels best working at social reportage and documentaries.

One of hist latest productions includes the documentary ‘Killithon’, showcasing the highest starting marathon in the world which begins at the Kilimanjaro summit in Africa. ‘Killithon’ has won Silver Winner award in the ‘Best Short Film’ and ‘Best Director – documentary’ categories at The Queen Palm International Film Festival in Palm Springs, California. The documentary was also screened at other various film festivals in Zakopane (Poland), Poprad (Slovakia) and Kathmandu (Nepal).

As a mountain climbing and running amateur, Maciek loves mountains and traveling to the most remote places in the world. His photographs were published in many various magazines, including National Geographic, ULTRA, Trail and National Geographic Traveler.
Piotr Kuźniar - captain od S/Y Selma Expeditions
Piotr Kuźniar
Captain of S/Y Selma Expeditions

Piotr has been sailing since 1978. In 1990 he became a yacht captain. Scuba diver, naturalist and polar voyages enthusiast. He was captivated by the beauty of the Arctic and Antarctic nature. In his career, he has led sailing trips on the Arctic Sea, the Greenland Sea, the Barents Sea, the Norwegian and Bellinghausen Sea, as well as on the Southern Ocean. Co-owner of S/Y Selma Expeditions yacht.

Piotr’s most interesting sailing expeditions:
1988 – Faroe Islands
2000 – Norway fjords
2001 – around Europe
2002 – Lofoty, Spitsbergen
2003 – cruise to Jan Mayen (first Polish ascent to the glacier - active Beerenberg volcano) and to the shores of Greenland
2005 – Antarctica, South Shetland Islands, Cape Horn
2006 – Spitsbergen
2007 – Iceland - Spitsbergen
2008 – Antarctica (Charcot Island), Cape Horn
2009 – Antarctica, Horn, Greenland
2015 – Ross Sea
2015 – Greenland and the North West Pass

and countless trips on S/Y Selma Expeditions to Antarctica.
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