Selma the movie
„Daredevils needed for a dangerous trip. Low rates, bitter cold, many months in total darkness. Happy return doubtful. In case of success - honor and fame.”
Sir Ernest Shackleton
In April 2014. S/Y Selma Expeditions sailed off for a trip called ‘Selma – Antarctica – Endurance’. This one year-long trip started by sailing around Cape Horn from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean to Australia. There, in December 2014, the Selma crew took part in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. After that they started their navigation to the coldest and most inaccessible Antarctic basin – The Ross Sea. The main goal was to set the new world sailing record by reaching the Southernmost waters of the Bay of Whales on a sailing yacht. In the history, only a few yachts managed to enter the Ross Sea, however none of them got as far. It was one of the very last ‘Everest-like’ achievements to be made by humanity.

Selma – an adventure from the edge of the world is an amazing film story about 11 men under the direction of captain Piotr Kuźniar. They decide to spend almost 4 months crammed in their small yacht, not knowing if they would be able to return safely. Their goal is to reach The Bay of Whales. It’s a place of historical importance, from where, over a 100 years ago, the pioneer expeditions of explorers such as Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton began. Is Antarctica still as dangerous and inaccessible as it was back in the day? How far can you push the limits of one’s endurance and determination? Selma’s voyage to the Ross Sea touches the literal edge of the world. It’s a story about cooperation, friendship and determination in achieving a goal. All of this set in a beautiful virgin scenery of ice landscapes, among which the never filmed before phenomena of escaping from the freezing Ross Sea took place.

The crew’s achievement of reaching the Bay of Whales and setting a new sailing world record (78º 43’ 926” S, 163º 40’ 957” W) has been entered in the Guinness World Records.
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